Breaking Down The OneCup, Virtual Reality Style

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Will my Keurig brewer poke a hole in the mesh of the OneCup?

If your Keurig brewer uses a standard K-cup, our single serve OneCup is compatible and there is no need for the needle to puncture the mesh since the water will flow through the filter, unlike the PODs that require a hole to be punched in the plastic cup.

Thus, you do not need to remove the needle, the needle will not reach the bottom of the mesh filter. You can brew your cup of coffee.

What’s the difference between Compostable and Biodegradable?

According to the US FTC Green Guide updated October 2012, “Some materials break down into usable compost material that enriches the soil and returns nutrients to the earth. When you see ‘compostable’ on our product or package, it means we have made sure the material can be composted safely in your home compost pile.

According to the US FTC Green Guide updated October 2012, “Something that’s biodegradable, like food or leaves, breaks down and decomposes into elements found in nature when exposed to light, air, moister, certain bacteria, or other organisms. The Organic Coffee Co. OneCup™ will completely break down and return to nature within a year.

For more details and a cool video click here: Mystery of the OneCup Revealed.


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  1. Karen Meyer says:

    Love your biodegradable San Francisco k cup friendly coffee that we found at Costco! Is it available in decaf?

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