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Drinking Coffee Can Protect The Planet

Get Green Be Well


Kim at wrote a very nice piece about Rogers Family Company. She said:

The invention of the K-cup made coffee lovers everywhere rejoice, while environmentalists cringed. Yes, single serve coffees are a great idea, but where does all of that new packaging go?? In the landfills, that’s where, cluttering up the Earth even more. That is, unless you get your K-Cups from the Rogers Family Company and San Francisco Bay Coffee or the Organic Coffee Company.

You can drink your coffee and protect planet Earth, too, by choosing the variety of coffees from San Francisco Bay Coffee or the Organic Coffee Company, two brands that are both owned by the Rogers Family Company. These new K-Cups are more environmentally friendly, from a company with a commitment to living green and being social responsible. Just learning more about their company and values made be have goose bumps, because it’s so nice to find people doing good in the world who also have a great product to share!

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They also did a review of our San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee:

 If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly way of using your K cups, check out San Francisco Bay Coffee. They are available in your local stores as well as online. Along with the many coffee options, there are different varieties of teas available as well. And if you’re looking for a unique gift idea there are several options of accessories and gift baskets available online!!

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San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee

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