Rogers Family Company Sues Keurig Green Mountain

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Rogers Files Lawsuit Against Keurig

Rogers Family Co. Files Lawsuit Against Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. For Alleged Anti-Competitive Single Serve Coffee Market Conduct That Rogers Believes Has Harmed Consumers.

Rogers’ lawsuit – to protect consumers and end Keurig’s attempt to create a monopoly by restraining trade – follows a second court ruling that affirms Rogers’ OneCup™ single serve coffee product is unique and does not infringe any Keurig patents

When asked why, Jon Rogers said;

“We filed this lawsuit to end Keurig’s anti-competitive practices which deny consumers access to our and other competitors’ products,” said Rogers Family Company President Jon B. Rogers. “Our goal is to ensure that consumers in the single-serve coffee market have access to a free and open marketplace, in which they are provided the opportunity to select a wide range of products based upon whatever factors are most important to them such as price, quality, and commitment to social and environmental responsibility.  No single company should be permitted to control consumer choice or prices through illegal, anti-competitive conduct.”

To read the full press release follow the link below.


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