The Pending Coffee

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The Pending Coffee

We are not sure who to credit for this great idea but to whomever it is we tip our hat to you.

The Pending Coffee

(roughly translated)

We were in a small coffee shop.
Two customers arrive.
“5 coffees. 2 for us, 3 pending.”
They pay for the 5, they only get 2.

“What is a pending coffee? I ask.
“Wait and see”.

More customers. Two girls get coffees, they pay normally.

After a while, 3 lawyers ask for 7 coffees.
they drink only 3, but paid for all 7.

While we were talking, a poor man enters the shop.
With a soft voice he asks “Do you have any pending coffee?”

This type of charity was born in Napoli (Naples, Italy).
People pay in anticipation for the coffees and even meals for others who can’t.


 Note: We are not sure if it is true but wouldn’t it be great if it was.


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  1. Roy says:

    I love this idea. Living in a coffee town like Portland I would hope this would catch on.

  2. Thomas Reamer says:

    Awesome! I love the idea. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your great coffee :)

  3. Otto says:

    Thank you for the story I loved it.

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