Fun Coffee Stories. Most Are Not About Coffee Tables.

Jigsaw puzzles are a gift from the game creators and we share that gift with you. Enjoy this 100 piece and good luck. Continue reading


The Most Up To Date News In Coffee & Tea
Roja (Rust) Fungus

  COFFEE ROYA. THE COFFEE KILLER. This morning, I came into work, sat at my desk and performed my regular ritual which ends with me brewing a cup of SF Bay Fog Chaser. Then, I returned to my desk and … Continue reading


Articles About People and News on Our Coffee Farms

GASHONGA WOMENS COOPERATIVE (DIKA) DIKA (Dutezimbere Igihingwa cya Kawa) means “Let’s Promote Coffee Together” In 1992 the Gashonga Womens Cooperative was founded and given land by the Rwandan government under one condition, the land must be used to grow coffee … Continue reading


A Few Articles About Specific Rogers Family Products

ABOUT THE COFFEE Kona coffee is cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii. Only coffee from the Kona Districts can be described as “Kona”. The … Continue reading


Get Your Day Started With A Cup of Coffee and a Smile
April Fools 2014

In business there is a mantra, “If you aren’t innovating, you are going backwards”.  Rogers Family Company is one company you won’t catch going backwards. Introducing our new line up of revolutionary products that will blow your mind and have … Continue reading


Information About Our Company
The Rogers Family

 IT’S A FAMILY THING Rogers Family Company Jon and Barbara’s four children play an integral role in the ongoing success of the business. Jim, John, and Pete Rogers, along with sister, Lisa Smoot and daughters-in-law Suzanne and Kirsten Rogers, not … Continue reading


The Questions We Get Asked All The Time
No Mycotoxins

WHAT ARE MYCOTOXINS? A mycotoxin (from Greek μύκης (mykes, mukos) “fungus” and τοξικόν (toxikon) “poison”) is a toxic secondary metabolite produced by organisms of the fungi kingdom, commonly known as molds. The term ‘mycotoxin’ is usually reserved for the toxic … Continue reading


Get All The Great Recipes Using Coffee Here

I’m a meat and potatoes kind of person so when I find a recipe that promises to spice up my favorite meal I jump on it. This steak rub combines two of my favorite things, a spicy flavor mixed with a … Continue reading


Insider News About The Rogers Family Company

Who Says The Postal Service Is Dead? In a “real-time” world, it is easy for us to forget that not to long ago, correspondence took time. The 24 hour news cycle wasn’t even a consideration, and the idea of receiving … Continue reading


Articles About Real People Making Real Differences

GASHORA GIRLS ACADEMY Starting in 2006, the Rogers Family Company has invested time and money to help young Rwandan girls achieve their personal aspirations through education and their dreams are not small. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, professions that no matter what … Continue reading


Honest Reviews of Our Coffee Products

THE MY FRENCH-PRESS If you have not yet been introduced to the My French-Press, we will allow The Industry Outsider to shed some light on the product. The folks at Rogers Family Company, who run, really impressed us with … Continue reading


Impress Your friends With Your Coffee Knowledge
Drink Coffee and Live Longer

You know we love coffee, and we are always on the hunt for cool content that we can create for you or share with you, coffee-related of course.  Recently, a new study was released that we just had to share. … Continue reading


The Latest Sales and Deals From Our Coffee Store

FALLING PRICES Seasons are changing, at least according to the calendar, and fall is just around the bend. As the temperatures begin to slide down a nice hot cup of coffee is the perfect cuddle buddy. Enjoy these falling prices … Continue reading


Some oF The Great Work Your Purchases Allow
Anne Marie graduated the Gashora Girls Academy this year

ROGERS FAMILY FOUNDATION & the Gashora Girls Academy The Rogers Family has from the beginning sought a better way, not only a better way to roast coffee but a better way to exist in the world. One effort that came … Continue reading



Some Recommended Reading

One of the most common questions asked of someone returning from a trip is, “How was the food?” It doesn’t matter if it was just a quick trip to the coast or a journey around the world. But why do we … Continue reading


TIME TO SIGN UP  This exclusive list will be notified 24 hours before the rest of the world when our newest San Francisco Bay Reserve, Single Origin artisan coffee is ready for purchase. Some of our Single Origins: Jamaica Tanzania Ethiopia … Continue reading

Single Origin Coffee

I love coffee, man do I love it. As many of you know I’ve only been working for the Rogers Family Company since October 2013, and in that time I’ve been introduced to a whole new world of coffee. Last week, … Continue reading


Isn’t it great being the person that knows stuff, even just random stuff? This random coffee knowledge will help fill your calendar with party invitations because you will be the person others want to speak with. If knowledge is power, then … Continue reading

Hibiscus Flower

When I met my wife, 12 years ago, she had this very cute habit of wearing a flower in her hair. Not being a green thumb at all, I had no idea what type of flower it was; I just … Continue reading


HEALTH BENEFITS OF BLACK TEA It has long been known that tea has certain, shall we say, super powers. Well, thank goodness for scientists and their never-ending pursuit of truth. Today, we can share the myriad of health benefits associated … Continue reading

OXO Pop Containers

HOW THE HECK DO I KEEP MY ONECUPS FRESH? With so many options to store our OneCup single serve coffees, we decided to do a little investigating on a few different ways our folks store their OneCups. 1) Glass Container … Continue reading

Rogers Files Lawsuit Against Keurig

Rogers Family Co. Files Lawsuit Against Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. For Alleged Anti-Competitive Single Serve Coffee Market Conduct That Rogers Believes Has Harmed Consumers. Rogers’ lawsuit – to protect consumers and end Keurig’s attempt to create a monopoly by restraining … Continue reading

Drink Coffee and Live Longer

You know we love coffee, and we are always on the hunt for cool content that we can create for you or share with you, coffee-related of course.  Recently, a new study was released that we just had to share. … Continue reading

9 Coffee Drinks With Clever Nicknames

Which are you? Tell us in the comments. From our friend Ryoko at   Thanks from Rogers Family Company.

Military troops

Coffee, Shipping and Support! Free Shipping to APO/FPO/DPO Military Boxes We’re proud to offer free, USPS Priority Mail shipping on our website for all orders to military APO/FPO/DPO addresses.  It’s a great deal for soldiers’ families and friends, and even those … Continue reading

The OneCup Bio Mystery Revealed

As a new employee, I’m fascinated by the process of making coffee. Everything is brand new and filled with mystery. For me, and I think probably you, the biggest mystery of all is the Bio-Degradable OneCup™. My first question was, … Continue reading

New OneCup San Francisco Bay Bio Packaging

Ever wonder what happens to all those “other plastic” single serve coffee cups? We did too, and the answer wasn’t good. Each year, an estimated 9.1 Billion single-serve coffee and drink cartridges are thrown away in the United States. This … Continue reading