Roja (Rust) Fungus

1 Billion Dollars In Damage To The Coffee Industry. The Fight Against Roya.


Roja (Rust) Fungus


This morning, I came into work, sat at my desk and performed my regular ritual which ends with me brewing a cup of SF Bay Fog Chaser. Then, I returned to my desk and begin the day.

Sounds typical, right? Just like your day?

It is all too easy to forget about everything that goes into making our routines each morning. We count on our car starting and thanks to mechanics and engineers it will. The gas in our cars. We pay the money, pump it and are assured it will keep our cars running, but how much time do you spend thinking about all the effort that went into getting you that $4.00 gallon of gas?

Coffee, for me, is the same. Even though I can turn my head and look out my office window to our production floor, I still don't frequently enough think about the major feats it takes to produce this single cup of coffee.

One such major effort is underway, it's called the Rust Trust, our non-profit program created to replant 50,000,000 coffee trees killed or dying from a fungus known as Coffee Rust or Roya.

This fungus is widespread and has caused a billion dollars in damage to the coffee industry. The Rust Trust was created to support the small farms most affected by Coffee Rust and to work with them in an effort to eradicate this devastating fungus and replant their farms with stronger plants.

So as you sip your next cup of coffee, pause for a moment and give a nod to all those working to ensure we have a quality brew for our everyday routine. Let's give them a big, CHEERS!


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