10 Amazing Acts Of Kindness In The World Today



Are you a kind person? I like to think I'm a kind person, but I certainly have my moments of being not so kind. Would you pull over and help a stranger? Have you gone out of your way to help someone in need? Regardless of your level of kindness, these 10 people likely have you beat.

1) Northern Irish Lottery Winner Gives Away All But $2 mill Of A $46 Million Dollar Win.

Why not keep $6,000,000 and give away $40,000,000? Nice round numbers.




2) A recent 21 year old dedicated his entire birthday to committing 21 acts of kindness in his community.


3) Garth Brooks Gives One Woman The Gift Of A Lifetime

Thanks Huff Post For Sharing The Story


4) Paramedic Covers A Family's Ticket

Kindness comes in many forms and simple $29 gesture can be very powerful.


Another great story from Huff Post


5) Teacher Donates Kidney To Student After Meeting Her Once



Original Article On Huffington Post 


6) Mom of fallen Marine comforts families of others by making teddy bears out of uniforms. 


Original - People Mag. 


7) A 6 Year Old Hero Among Us

This little super hero wanted to share his source of strength and the people responded.


Original from People Mag 


8) Doing Good One Laundry Load At A Time

Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi, two 20-year-olds from Brisbane, Australia, have a noble goal – to restore respect for the homeless, raise health standards, and reduce strain on resources.


As told by GoodNet.org 


9) Can A High Five Change Your Day


10) Man Who Saved 669 Kids Turned 105 this year

Warning: you will shed a tear.

From the Huffington Post


Spread some kindness today.


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