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2,000 Care Packages Shipped To The Troops


On a brisk and windy March morning, I traveled to West Sacramento where Move America Forward had assembled an amazing crew of volunteers. Their mission for the day was to off load, label and prepare for shipment, 2,000 care packages to be sent out to active duty American troops.

The Rogers Family Company, has been a donating coffee to Move America Forward since September of 2013 and today was a chance for us to see these care packages get their final send off.

John Rogers on why Rogers Family Company contributes


Meeting The Volunteers

I had a great time meeting the volunteers and learning more about their personal motivations for choosing Move America Forward and more specifically troop oriented volunteerism. Not surprisingly, many had personal connections with the military, either through their personal service or loved ones service, past and present.

Move America ForwardMAF2 - Copy

The first volunteer I met brought an entire volunteer team with her, Pres James and her 5 children.  Originally from the Philippines, Pres talked about having a unique understanding of the sacrifices American troops make for their service. She mentioned General Douglas MacArthur and the efforts made by US troops to liberate the Philippines, which allowed her family to enter America or as she describes it, "the land of the free".

Pres told me that in explaining to her children the reasons for volunteering a teachable moment arose, and she pointed out to the kids that each label they were placing on the packages represents a person. That while they were sitting in a large warehouse, safe in West Sacramento, there were soldiers in harm's way, and to connect the dots in their minds between the package and a living, breathing human.

The emotions took over and she became teary eyed as she explained all of this to me, she nearly got me going. I found Pres to be one of those people that radiates warmth and true human compassion. I wish I could have spent more time with her, but she and her clan were hard-at-work, so I let them be.

The James Family


Next I met Danny Rayos, 21 year veteran of the US Army and Supervisor of Maintenance at the West Sac Post Office. (1,000,000 sq ft of space).

Danny served in Egypt in the 80's and he very fondly recalls when he received a care package during deployment. 20 years later and he still remembers opening the box with all the treats and letters. His favorite part of the package, the chocolate and the notes from the children.

To this day he remembers being so impressed and joyful that children felt compelled to write letters of thanks and encouragement to men and women they had never met. For Danny the package was a slice of home and hope.



The Rogers Family Company is unwavering in our dedication to the US troops, active and veteran, and we will continue our service to them by providing as much coffee to the care package program at Move America Forward and others, as long as they are needed.



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  1. SFC Saundra Goodson 6 August, 2014 at 08:15 Reply

    Want to say “Thank You” for supporting the troops! I received a care package today. The package contained enough items and coffee to share with many others. We are so grateful for those companies that support us in our endeavors. Thank you again! God bless America and Go ARMY!!

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