Coffee Community Kids In School

Keys to Our Community Aid Program

Our Community Aid Program is based on three key tenets:

Rogers Family Coffee Farmers

Care for Farmers - We set up long-term contracts that allow farmers to treat their employees fairly, improve the environment and make a reasonable profit for their hard work. We consider the costs of production, infrastructure, and maintenance, as well as the need for a reasonable profit.

Coffee Community Kids In School

Care for the Community - Our investment in Community Aid program hovers around $1,000,000 every year. These funds go to education, nutrition, and health care programs that help break the cycle of poverty in our partner coffee growing communities. From 2001 to 2009, we constructed 25 schools, 140 bathrooms, 130 housing units, 15 clinics, and 60 kitchens, in communities throughout Central America, South America, Rwanda, and Southeast Asia (Sumatra and Papua New Guinea).

Sustainable Farming

Care for the Environment - We practice sustainable, responsible farming, which means shade-grown, organic coffee, and farmlands with large areas left in their natural state, so that the ecosystem can continue to thrive around us. Responsible farming not only makes for superior coffee, it helps keep the land, people, and wildlife healthy everywhere our coffee is grown. We employ natural, sustainable methods, like using 10,000,000,000 worms to turn coffee farm waste into 5,000 pounds of pure fertilizer each week.


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