4 Simple Desserts To Cut Your Thanksgiving Prep Time In Half

The madness of the holidays is here and so is the anxiety of cooking the perfect meal for all those ravenous family members. We are going to help you serve up something delicious AND save you time so you can spend more time enjoying the day...or hiding upstairs.

Let's get started.

1) Chocolate Loaf Cake With Booze & Coffee (full recipe here) 

This cake recipe will be the talk of the party. So good.



2) Affogato Ice Cream (full recipe here) 

Simple...so simple and so good.



3) Caffeinated Brownies (full recipe here)

These brownies are sinfully delightful.

coffee brownies recipe


4) Chocolate Coffee Butter Creme Cupcakes (full recipe here)

The creme alone is worth this dessert. Yummy.

Chocolate Coffee Butter Creme Cupcakes


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