Single Origin Coffee

4 Surprising Facts About Single Origin Coffee

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I love coffee, man do I love it.

As many of you know I've only been working for the Rogers Family Company since October 2013, and in that time I've been introduced to a whole new world of coffee. Last week, I experienced a different dimension.

As I told you in last week's article about Single Origin coffees, we have launched a new label, San Francisco Bay Single Origin Coffee. In preparation for this launch we cupped each of the 5 varieties that will be released over the next few weeks. Each of the coffees have something unique about them, and the simple truth is, each are superb. Yeah, I said superb. Can you see my nose in the air?

But it's true, when you learn the story behind each coffee, you will realize the artistry that must go into nurturing a coffee that will make you say, "holy puppies & ponies, that's good coffee."

There is more to these coffees than just a mind-blowing taste. Single Origin Coffee also helps make this a better world and here's how.

Single Origin Coffee

4 Ways Single Origin Coffee Makes Our World Better

Higher price for the farmer - Because these farmers are typically growing on smaller farms, the crop yields a higher per pound price that we are happy to pay. More money equals a better life for them & their families. Win.

More attention on a region, creating more demand - The better the coffee, the more attention a region will get, the more coffee they will sell. These Single Origin coffees may be part of a co-op or come from an individual farm. In either case, the benefit of consumer attention elevates the regions coffee growing status, and allows the farmers to earn a better wage.

Smaller footprint - From a more global stand point, a Single Origin coffee can have a smaller environmental footprint, as many farms are under 5 acres in size. And with a focus on shade grown, which means planting in and among the natural forest canopy, there is a much smaller impact on the natural world. Who likes fresh air?

Rewarding artistry rather than volume - There is something to be said about rewarding an artist for their talents. We all recognize an amazing piece of art, whether a stage performance, a painting, sculpture, movie or photograph, but what about the art of cultivation?

To grow a unique and special coffee takes time, hard work and love. The farmer must know about the soil and how a coffee plant of one variety will respond to shade as opposed to direct sun. It is in these nuances that the talent exists in the coffee farmer. And for the Single Origin coffee producer, they are considered Artisans.


If you would like to be the first to hear about our San Francisco Bay Single Origin artisan coffee 1 day before anyone else, join the Single Origin Early Release notification.

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