5 Coffee Mugs Represent The Family Members You Will See On Thanksgiving


On Thanksgiving you are going to run into a lot of family members. Most likely, the last time you saw these folks was on Thanksgiving last year, like you do.

I bet you already know what to expect. Uncle so & so will be yelling at the TV cause his team fumbled the ball or whatever, and your aunt will be going on and on about her dog, cat, parakeet, et.al.

We went ahead and took a stab at putting together a list of the 5 most common family members to be seen on Thanksgiving and are representing them with, what else, coffee mugs.

For your pleasure...

1) There's A Chance This Is Vodka. There's A Chance You're Drunk. 🙂

coffee cup


2) The Football Nut - also number 1.



3) The Uncle With The Guitar



4) The family member you just don't mess with.


originally from:  FunCage

5) And The Animal Lover


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