Official NFL Coffee Table

5 Football Season Coffee Tables That Score!

With the end of summer comes the beginning of Football Season. Regardless of who your team is we are sure you want the whole watching experience to be all it can be. We have collected 5 unique coffee tables to bring the sport environment to a new level.

Official NFL Coffee Table

While not available in your local Walmart we can't help but admire the craftmanship of this table. It was custom built by Michael Rupich this table was commissioned by the NFL to create a coffee table for one of the league conference rooms, Michael transformed a huge slab of Walnut into this 3D representaion of an NFL stadium.

NFL Team Coffee Tables

More readily available from places like Sears these NFL Coffee Tables feature your favorite NFL team logo (carved and painted) displayed under an oval glass top. The legs and frame supporting the logo top are constructed from solid birch wood.

Icebox Cooler Coffee Table

No more running to the kitchen during commercial to grab a beer. What would a sporting event be without cold beverages. Now you can just reach out and grab one from your IceBox Table. But really, isn't that almost just as much work after a plate or two of nachos?

Tailgate Coffee Table

A REAL football game just isn't the same without the tailgate party right? Well now you can have that in the convenience of your own home.  While there are MANY of these tables out there we kinda like this one from oldsoulstudio which features tailgate, pistons, steel wheels, re-purposed glass tabletop; red and ivory pinstriping. 

Grass Covered Coffee Table

For the ultimate football fan why not bring the actual turf experience into your home (although we not sure what you will tell your buddies about the pink couch). This unique idea from apartment therapy will let you put your feet up on the lawn and enjoy the feel and smell of an actual game.


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