These 5 Joes Take Ordinary And Make It Extra-Ordinary



This is a name that, at some point, became synonymous with common. Strange, cause I've only met one Joe in my life.

Since today is National Joe Day, we are digging in deep to discover the origins of the most common ways Joe has been made, well, common.

G.I. Joe - Did you know this means, Government Issue? First released in 1964, GI Joe was the perfect embodiment of the fearless soldier. There is more to the story, though. (The Secret History Of G.I. Joe)


Average Joe, or Joe Sixpack - The every man. Just making your way, doin' what needs doin'. 


Sloppy Joe - Researchers say the origin of this family favorite dates back to 1930, when a cook named Joe from Sioux City added tomato sauce to a loose ground beef sandwich. Hey Joe! Thanks for that. 


Joe Cool - You know this one. Everyone's favorite cartoon dog, Snoopy, has an alter ego, Joe Cool. He puts on his shades, struts his stuff, and becomes the ultimate of cool. 


Cup Of Joe - Our favorite. This one unfortunately is a bit of mystery. There are 5 theories buzzing around, but none have concrete proof. Some say it has to do with the Average Joe, and relating coffee to the common man. Others say it is named after the 1914 Sec Of Navy when he banned booze on ships, and still others say it was a mispronunciation of Cappuccino.  



Do you know a Joe? Wish them a happy National Joe Day.



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