5 Killer Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Make You A Hero



It's that time of year. The time we all struggle with the question, "What the heck do I buy (fill in the blank) for Christmas?" This shouldn't be so hard and we should rely on "recommended items" from Amazon to tell us what to buy for our loved ones.


We have assembled a collection of 5 killer gift ideas that will solve this annual dilemma. In no particular order:

1. San Francisco Bay OneCup Coffee Gift Basket - Stocked with 4 boxes of our SF Bay OneCups, a travel mug and coffee cup, this gift basket is a winner every time. 


2. The Organic Coffee Company Starter Kit - (2) twelve ounce bags + five 2 ounce sample bags and a mug. Now that's a great gift. Don't forget that basket. 


3. Black Mountain Gold Trio Gift Mug - For the coffee lover who enjoys a little flavor. This sample pack gives the flavored coffee drinker 3 amazing options, toss in a $10 gift card at checkout and this is a great, inexpensive gift. 


4. San Francisco Bay Coffee Sampler Kit & Mug - For the hard to satisfy. This gift basket provides 5 options and one is sure to impress. 


5. Chocolate Coffee Lovers Gift Basket - These flavored coffees are so good, you may choose to keep this one for yourself. Top it off with a hand painted mug, this gift basket is an A+. 




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