Bongo Drum Coffee Tables

5 Musical Coffee Tables for the Music Lover

Fender Guitar Coffee Table

Made of hand-selected solid maple, the deluxe Stratocaster coffee table also has six tuning peg caps that are chrome plated steel disks and all are flush mounted. In addition, the lettering of the table is silk screened on first then lacquered over for protection. Its three elegant legs are originally designed and chromed plated. Music lover and Fender Stratocaster fans will definitely love this stylish and musically inclined coffee table.

Drum Coffee Tables

Take your jammin with the tunes to a new level with a set of drum sticks and your coffee table. Here is a line of Drum Inspired Musical Coffee Tables from that offer several styles both in sound and in finish.

Bongo Drum Coffee Tables

Just want to enjoy the music and tap out a rhythm with your hands. Well this table is for you. You can even configure the table with musical modules such as Tamborine, Snare, Different Bongos, Shakers, Chimes and bells (yes, including a Cow Bell). Looks like the folks over at have it goin on.  Ya man!

Bass Fiddle Cello Coffee Table

Taking things a bit upscale we have the Pois Music Coffee Table. Made of ebony and cerejeira featherband veneer with brass inlay work reminiscent of the “strings” of the musical instrument. The surface is enriched with extensive palisander fretwork. The three supporting legs are also made of palisander and have a puffed rounded shape.

Cassette Tape Coffee Table

All the kids are saying "What is that???" or at least they will be with this classic portable music medium coffee table in your house.... Cassette Tapes ... remember those? Available from designer Jeff Skierka.



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