5 Reasons To Love The Rainforests


I've never been to a rainforest region, I've never trekked under the canopy listening to the exotic bird calls or hollowing monkeys, but I know how important they are not only to the animal inhabitants, but to humans all over the world.

This week is World Rainforest Week. A seven-day period meant to shine a light on the value of rainforests all over the world. To help us all understand the value of these amazing places we've compiled 5 reasons to love the rainforests. Are there more than 5 reasons? Sure. But let's be honest, your attention span isn't that long.

Scientists believe there are millions of plant and insect species in rainforests that have yet to be discovered.


Many tribes in areas such as central Africa and Brazil still live in rainforests, having no contact with the outside world.


More than 2,000 different species of butterflies are found in the rainforests of South America.


1 out of 4 ingredients in our medicine is from rainforest plants.


Rainforests act as the world's thermostat by regulating temperatures and weather patterns.


Those are some pretty awesome reasons to love the rainforests, right?  Tell us in the comments your reasons for loving the rain forests.

Happy World Rainforest Week.


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