5 Things You Can Do To Support "Stop Bullying Day"


As a small company, we know what it's like to be pushed around (Fighting Keurig). And many of us here at Rogers Family Co. are parents of young ones, so we also know the heartache of a child being bullied.

Today, we are joining the conversation about bullying and are offering you a few ways that you can stand up and support "Stop Bullying Day".

1) Know What Bullying Looks Like


The internet has opened the door for a new level of bullying, but the old ways are still active. Take a moment and review the 3 major kinds of bullying.

2) Did You Know Bullying Is Illegal In Some States?


If your state is one them, you have more leverage as a parent, if not, perhaps there is a group pushing for new legislation. Consider joining the conversation.

3) Host Or Attend A Local Anit-Bullying Event


There are events being held all around the country. (a quick Google search will bring up tons) If you want to get deeper involved. Consider hosting your own event next year.

4) Join A School Safety Committee 


 A school safety committee—a small group of people focused on school safety concerns—is one strategy to engage parents and youth, as well as others, in bullying prevention.

5) Get Your Kids Involved In The Conversation


Let's face it, bullying starts in the home. Kids act out, and they ALL can be a little bad. But it's in our reactions that we create the voice in their heads. Getting kids involved in the conversation about bullying early on may shed light on how we as parents deal with situations and taking the knowledge journey together will empower you both.




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