Fish Tank Aquarium Coffee Table

5 Unique Coffee Tables for the Pet Lover

Fish Tank Aquarium Coffee Table

Fish Tank Aquarium Coffee Table - Resting on a black acrylic pedestal, this table aquarium is illuminated from below a bed of blue glass gravel. Complete with pump, lighting, extension cord, decorative plants and two-stage submersible filter pump at Amazon.

Cat Lounge Coffee Table

A place to nap AND be the center of attention. What could be better for the royalty in your house? A basic stainless-steel frame supports a rectangular glass top, but also suspends a woven cat hammock below so you and your pet can maintain contact through the glazed surface. From Casereal.

Pet Bed Coffee Table

Whether you're limited on space or just want your pets bed to be inconspicuous there are a lot of options out there including this attractive table. Found at Bing Design  this one is available in many styles.

Terrarium Coffee Table

Snakes, Turtles and other Reptiles will feel at home in this comfortable center stage tank.  There are all kinds of options available but this one is from CagesByDesign.

Flown the Coop Coffee Table

Flown the Coop Coffee Table (bird not included) - The Bye Bye Bird table lends a fond and humorous thought to the bird that could be there if only you hadn't named him Houdini.



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