Recycled Coffee Tables

5 Unique Coffee Tables Made from Recycled Materials

Recycled Coffee Tables

Technically you could make a coffee table from just about anything. Remember back when a large wire spool on it's side was a premium coffee table solution (hey , we still like them). These designers have taken coffee table recycling to a new level. Want to see more unique coffee tables? check out our previous articles here and here.

Matt Gagnon Recycled Coffee Table

Used recycled newsprint cut and fused together make up this coffee table from Matt Gagnon Studio. This modern magazine shelf will set you back approx $3,400 at and other high end retailers.

Habana Recycled Cigar Box Coffee Table

This Habana Recycled Cigar Box Coffee Table by furniture designer Pavel Perina is made up of various sizes wooden boxes from finest Habana cigars. This unique and individual coffee table runs $2,200.

Recycled Wood Pallets Coffee Table

Recycled Wood Pallets Coffee Tables by Stephane Beauchet a way of giving old thrown away pallets new life with the help of some cleaning, restoring and refinishing.

Cardboard 307 Tube Coffee Table

made up of 307 Cardboard tubes design firm Revive Workshop has found a way to re purpose what surely would have ended up in the trash. At a price of $5,500 per table I think we can safely call this art as much as furniture.

Recycled Wine Bottle Coffee Table

Blue Moon Bottles uses empty wine bottles to create all kind of unique products including this recycled steel, glass and bottle punts coffee table.

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