Racepresso Coffee Maker

5 Unique Extreme Concept Coffee Makers

Racepresso Coffee Maker

For those real race fans or just someone looking for a faster cup of coffee (probably not for the SLOW COFFEE movement) we have the Racepresso designed by Ilgar Rustamov.

Cement Coffee Maker

This Concrete Coffee Maker is not going anywhere fast. At least not if Concrete Product Designer Shmuel Linski has anything to say about it.

Wooden Coffee Maker

The espresso maker “Linje” is the result of a Norwegian approach to coffee and is created by Husby, Audun Grimstad, Åsne Kydland and Mariko Kurioka Rohde as an assignment for design school.

Conceptone Coffee Maker

Conceptone. SC1 is a fully automatic coffee machine that is compact and lightweight. It works via the two-touch slider placed on top of the machine.  Designer Nico Tritschler intended to showcase the flow of water trough the machine while it works it way to brewing the coffee.

Black Luk Coffee Maker

The space saving coffee maker you can hang on a wall has finally arrived. or at least the design for it has. Designed by Song Ah Lee this single cup coffee dispenser is truly one of a kind.

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