Alfredo Coffee Mug

5 Very Unique and Creative Coffee Mug Designs

Our previous post 5 Unique Coffee Mugs was so popular that we are featuring 5 more unique coffee cups. Let's face it Coffee and creativity seem to go hand in hand. At least for these designers it does.

Alfredo Coffee Mug

The Alfredo Coffee Cup was designed by Emi Schenkelbach to look cool and keeP your fingers just as cool while holding a hot cup of coffee.

The Skase Coffee Cup

The Skase Cup by designer Steve Watson is a cup and saucer for the post-modern world. The cup is made from white glazed creamware and it sits upon a cross base made from Manchurian walnut. This cup was nominated for ‘100 Most Beautiful Objects in the World 2010′

Floating Coffee Mug

Searching for a coffee cup design that would not leave cup rings on furniture from the heat Tigere Chiriga Found inspiration from the common hanging banana holder and created the Floating Coffee Mug.

Edible Coffee Cup

Taking reusable and recycling to the next level is this Edible Coffee Mug. Designed by Luis Sardi this mug is made of a pastry that is coated with a special icing sugar.

The Grow Up Mug

Designed by Jinsik Kim to have a built in coaster the Grow Up Grassy Mugs are meant to spend their NON coffee holding time as a nice planter decoration on your kitchen window sill. Miniature Lawn mower not included.


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