6 Ways Getting Coffee Is Way Better Than Getting The Final Rose

1) You can't drink a rose. Duh!!!


2) The smell of a rose doesn't have more anti-oxidants than an orange. Coffee steam does!!! 😉

Coffee Steam Contains Antioxidants

3) A cup of coffee will warm you up from the inside. I'd like to see a rose pull that off.


(source: http://www.thedailymeal.com/11-gifs-make-you-want-coffee )

4)  You can't share a rose with friends, but you can share coffee (hot or iced). In your face rose.


5) Getting a rose is like saying, "Hey I walked past a garden and snatched this up for you" as opposed to getting a cup coffee which is like saying, "Hey I took the time to brew/buy this magical beverage for you because I knew you might need an extra boost today AND I love you." Take that rose.


6) Have I mentioned caffeine? Well, nough said I think.



Can you think of any other reasons getting coffee is better than getting the final rose? Tell us in the comments.


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