Coffee Opera

A Comic Opera Dedicated To Coffee? Yes, Please!

Coffee Opera


I'm not going to pretend to care about Opera, although I have seen Phantom of the Opera, yes, the movie.  But when I discovered this little gem I must say that my interest in this ancient art form became slightly peaked.

Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht (Be still, stop chattering), BWV 211, also known as the Coffee Cantata, is a secular cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach. He composed it probably between 1732 and 1735. Although classified as a cantata, it is essentially a miniature comic opera. In a satirical commentary, the cantata amusingly tells of an addiction to coffee.

A complete love of coffee, something many of us can, with fondness, relate to.


BTW, this is in German so you may want to check out the translation here: TRANSLATION.

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