Beer vs Coffee

Which Is Better For Your Brain? Beer Or Coffee? You'll Never Guess.


Beer vs Coffee

By now most of us know that we can alter the brain with the consumption of certain beverages. Sometimes the altered state is good and can lead to something great (GENIUS IDEA) and some are bad (POOR CHOICES). So when it comes to beer & coffee, which is better for your brain? First let's learn a little about the brain.

What happens to your brain when you drink beer?

Have you ever been drinking with your friends and thought, "WOW, I'm really smart and eloquent. beerbrainPeople should really listen to me."  That would be because the alcohol is having its way with your cerebral cortex.  The cerebral cortex processes information from your senses, processes thoughts, initiates the majority of voluntary muscle movements and has some control over lower-order brain centers. When alcohol hits your cerebral cortex you feel less focused, BUT it frees up your brain from all the distractions that normally keep you in your inhibited box.

What's the sweet spot? 

This is going to vary between people, but typically 2 drinks will get you into the perfect zone of crazy quick wit, more confidence and of course your idea machine will kick into overdrive.


Beer makes you less worried about the world around you, which frees up your brain to make deeper connections and come up with great ideas.


A couple of beers makes you less focused and decreases your memory, so keep a pen and pad of paper handy if you are using beer to lubricate your idea machine. You don't want to lose that million dollar concept.

Okay, so beer is good if you are searching for an initial idea. Now you need to get to work and bring that idea to life.

What happens to your brain when you drink coffee?

coffeebrainFeeling tired? That happens when receptors and adenosine bind together. Drowsy time. When caffeine enters the scene, the receptor instead binds with caffeine and you then get more energy. Yippee. Pretty obvious right? But why does this happen?

Caffeine Makes Me Happy But Why?

According to HowStuffWorks, we have something called adenosine that is created in our brains. As it binds to adenosine receptors, it slows down our nerve cell activity, which then causes drowsiness. A nerve cell mistakes caffeine for adenosine. Therefore, caffeine binds with the adenosine receptor, but rather than slowing down the cell's activity, the nerve cells speed up. While adenosine opens up blood vessels, allowing for more oxygen intake, caffeine constricts these blood vessels. This is why some people who get frequent headaches take medication that has caffeine in it- the caffeine closes the blood vessels and relieves the headache.


Gives you more energy and stronger ability to focus. This is when your idea magic gets put to the test. Did the beer work wonders or just send you on a wild goose chase?


Drinking too much coffee can keep you awake during your nighty night time, but hey, if you are trying to come up with, and build, the next Apple Computers then sleep really isn't an option is it? Just saying.



Need an idea? Have a couple of beers.

Need to figure out how to get your idea off the ground? Brew that pot of coffee.

Neither of these beverages are great for you in mass quantities, but in moderation great things can happen.

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    I really enjoy your coffee! Especially The Organic Coffee Co stuff! I have a 16 month old daughter, so being highly caffeinated is a must! 🙂

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    I must be drinking a tad more coffee than I should… Have COPD, Sleep with a CPAP. and my doctor says I have Caffeine Induced Insomnia. But I can’t drink alcohol since I shot my finger off… Oh what to do, what to do. Does Tea have more or less Caffeine than coffee … which I really, really like? Glad I found your site … And off he goes to enter a contest (which I didn’t know about) and buy some coffee.

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