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Colin Mansfield and his Coffee Review Site has recently completed a review  of 4 of our San Francisco Bay lines of coffee including pre-ground samples of Fog Chaser, French Roast, Colombia Supremo, and Breakfast Blend. Though it would appear that Colin's preferences lie in higher end specialty coffees we were very pleased to have him sample our products and challenge his experienced pallet.

Although not all of his opinions were complimentary he did single out the Breakfast Blend as a favorite saying:

The coffee smelled delicious coming out of the package and while brewing. It produced a light and easy going cup, but with a nice solid body. It was consistent with a smooth finish, and I thoroughly enjoyed drinking it. Notes of maple and oak permeated the cup, and I can definitely say it would have gone nice with some bacon and flapjacks.

Ultimately the big question was whether a larger coffee company could produce a professional quality coffee or even blur the lines between the " commodity coffee and specialty coffee" worlds. Although his previous opinion was a definite "No" after trying Rogers Family Coffee he said:

I think RFC believes in their product, and strives to make it the best that they can. I also think they are appealing to a different audience than, say, Counter Culture Coffee is. Nowhere on their website do they tout the “specialty coffee” moniker – instead they refer to their product as gourmet coffee. And in that sense, they 100% accomplish their goal. RFC’s product is better than any you will pick up in a can from your grocery store – it really is gourmet. Can a company walk the line between commodity coffee and specialty coffee? Rogers Family Coffee appears to do it with ease and, if appearances are any indication, it has served them well.

Most of all we would like to thank him for taking the time to review our product and give his honest opinion. Now we need to send him some whole bean versions of our French Roast and Fog Chaser to see if we can yet again challenge his existing opinion.

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  1. Rose Stevens 14 February, 2013 at 10:35 Reply

    I at present have switched completly from any other pods. I drink my coffee black and I like it full bodied. I have been buying my pods online but recently Costco in my areas has started carrying French Roast and Fog Chaser and I am really happy. I don’t think anything even Starbucks has anything to compare.

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