Boss Travels to Panama

Experience Panama: A Diary of our Boss Visiting the Farms

Boss Travels to Panama


As we told you yesterday, our boss is currently in Panama with our coffee buyer, Pete Rogers, visiting our farms.  Well, he checked-in today to give us a little insight into his travels.  Here is what he had to say, thus far:

We caught a flight into Houston, Texas.  Got a few hours of work done via WiFi, and then headed to Panama City.  My passport got its first stamp, and I am now a “world traveler” (at least in the eyes of the government).  Panama City reminds me of an ant hill crossed with New York but set in Miami.

Jim in a Panama Airport

Everything is moving ... taxis, people, buses and more, but the crazy thing is to see the skyscrapers.  They are everywhere!  Dozens of tall white stucco towers that are home to apartments and businesses alike.  I get the feeling one could get lost in a place like this very easily, and I find myself more appreciative that Pete Rogers knows the language and his way around.

Panama City Streets

This morning, we walked across the tarmac to the twin prop plane ready to take us to David, Panama.  We will drive from there to Boquete.  As we took off, we flew over the Panama Canal.  A true sight to see, and one I hope to get a closer look on our way back through Panama City.

Today, we will visit the mill.  I will get the first real, in-person experience of one of our properties.  Looking forward to it.  More soon.

Our Mill in Boquete

We hope your travels teach you much dear boss, and bring you back to us with a flood of knowledge and pictures.

Safe travels and keep the diary posts coming!





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