The Pros & Cons Of BulletProof Coffee & A Taste Test


If you haven't heard, there is a weight-loss trend circulating the globe called BulletProof Coffee. If you haven't heard about this the jist is, you put grass-fed butter in your coffee and blend it up.

I decided to give this odd drink a try and the following is my real-life experience. (I'm not a doctor & I only tried this once.)


Eh! It tastes like you added butter to your coffee. It's a little heavy, but not terrible. I can see how this would be very filling and curb your appetite.

bullet proof coffee


I didn't finish the entire cup. After the first few sips I started thinking about what I was drinking and got a little nauseous.

Bullet Proof Coffee


I would never take this up as a daily routine. The idea of using this recipe as a weight-loss tool seems very strange to me. I've even seen people mention "not needing to eat until 2pm" as positive. Doesn't seem healthy. That's me though.

Bullet Proof Coffee

So what does the internet think about Bullet Proof Coffee?


Dr. Andrew Weil seems to think all is well with adding butter to your coffee.

My friend and colleague, Jeffrey Gladd, M.D., has been experimenting with coffee made according to Asprey's recipe and reports good results. "It keeps hunger at bay and has enhanced my mental clarity and sharpness 20 to 25 percent," he says. Jeff believes that a morning dose of almost pure fat may help stimulate the body's fat-burning potential, leading to easier weight loss. He advises using organic coffee and butter from grass-fed cows for optimal results.


According to, there are 3 solid reasons not use BulletProof Coffee as a weight loss tool.

  1. You Are Displacing a Highly Nutritious Meal With Something That is Low in Essential Nutrients
  2. Saturated Fat is Good… But Humans Did NOT Evolve Eating Such Massive Amounts
  3. There Have Been Some Case Reports of Dramatically Elevated Cholesterol Due to Bulletproof Coffee


Of course, there are many opinions on the internet as to the benefits or lack thereof in regards to BulletProof Coffee as a weight loss tool. My opinion, if I want some organic, grass-fed butter in my diet I won't be skipping breakfast to get it.


  1. Brew your regular coffee.
  2. Pre-heat your blender with hot water
  3. Pour out hot water
  4. Pour your coffee into the blender
  5. Add 2 tbs of grass-fed butter
  6. Blend it up
  7. Pour and enjoy?



  1. Ima 17 January, 2015 at 07:20 Reply

    Well. I was in Nepal many years ago, and it seemed as if the Nepalese and other high altitude Himalayan locals live on Yak butter tea as their primary source of calories. Its not so bad, though admittedly its an acquired taste; sort of like blubber in that regard. Fat is good nutrition in the cold. One must have an adventurous palate when traveling outside the confines of our western / European cultural box.
    The question is, why would anyone (NOT in an extreme environment), ruin a good cup of coffee? Whip up that butter and eat it with a fancy little spoon, or something. . .
    So, butter in coffee seems counterintuitive and if I were inclined to “go there”, I’d go for heavy cream instead.

  2. shawn 1 February, 2015 at 05:48 Reply

    I have been drinking BP coffee for almost a year now and have seen and felt all of the benefits.

    Your test recipe was missing out on the MCT oil (or coconut oil if you are not ready to invest in MCT). The MCTs feed your brain ketones and is what makes this style coffee shine. With the correct recipe, you tend to not be hungry for breakfast and if done consistently can assist you with getting into ketosis.

    I would recommend adding a dash of cinnamon before you blend, and also a small spoon of raw cacoa powder if the latte butter taste did not work for you.


  3. KP 10 May, 2018 at 10:47 Reply

    Bulletproof coffee is French Press coffee beans preferably ones that has been little molds. You are not adding the Kellygold unsalted grass fed butter. You actually need to make clarified butter from the Kellygold unsalted butter aka Ghee, clarified butter. It taste amazing in that process.

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