Community Aid - Finca Las Lajas, Nicaragua

We first purchased coffee with this farm in 2003 and social programs began in 2004. After assessing the farm’s needs it was decided that the most pressing need was to replace the one-room, dirt-floored shack that served as a school for almost 40 children.

2004 - A four- room complex that serves as a school, a clinic, and a nursery was built. Desks for the school and beds for the medical clinic were also supplied (see picture on next page also). Total spent: $30,840

2005 - 2006 - A new block of workers’ housing was completed and new tile laid. RCF also continued to provide supplies for the school and the clinic. Total spent: $26,876

2007 -
This year’s projects include reconstructing another housing block and continuing to supply the school and clinic with the necessary materials. Total budgeted: $22,500

Finca Las Lajas
Total spent 2004-2006 = $57,716
Total budgeted 2007= $22,500
Total budgeted 2004-2006 = $50,075

Farm basics
Fair Trade certified
105 employees (30 are temporary)


- Capital city: Managua
- Population: 5,675,359
- Export commodities: coffee, beef, shrimp and lobster, tobacco, sugar, gold, peanuts
- % below the poverty line: 48% (2005)
- GDP/ capita: $3,100 (2006)
- Life expectancy: 70.92 (2007)
- Literacy rate: 67.5% (2003)
- Environmental issues: deforestation, soil erosion, water pollution


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