Community Aid - Finca Selva Negra, Nicaragua

La Hammonia, the coffee plantation found on the Selva Negra estate, is a great example of a socially conscious farm. Mausi Kuhl, the owner, is dedicated to implementing and maintaining social programs and, therefore, many great social programs were already in place when we first began to purchase coffee from them five years ago. Not only is a coffee farm located on the property, a hotel resort, dairy/cattle farm and flower operations can also be found. Four hundred employees call Selva Negra home year round and this number doubles during the crop season.

2001 - Bathrooms and showers were rebuilt and a central washing area complete with awning and concrete flooring was added (see pictures). Many houses received new roofs and the turf and infield was repaired on the recreational baseball field. Daily meal programs also continued to receive support. Total spent: $12,500

2002 - A six-room school was constructed, (kindergarten through 8th grade) (see picture), new seasonal worker housing was built, and chimneys and kitchens were repaired in existing year-round worker's houses. Ongoing programs such as a medical clinic, school supply distribution, and nutritious meal assistance continued to receive funds. Total spent: $31,459

2003 - Sixteen permanent workers houses were extended to include a shower and bathroom and yield additional living space so that the entire family does not have to sleep in one room (see picture on next page). Christmas toys for children, a meal program, and clinic supplies also all received financial support. Total spent: costs were expensed in 2002

2004 - Twenty four new latrines and shower areas were constructed and a baseball team was begun. Funding for the meal program continued and the clinic and school received supplies. Total spent: $35,700

2005 - 2006 - Building projects included a new kitchen and eating complex for workers. The school, adult education program, clinic, and baseball team also received support.
Total spent: $ 63,324

2007 - The kitchen complex will be completed this year. Total budgeted: $29,000

Finca Selva Negra
Total spent 2001-2006 = $133,991
Total budgeted 2007= $29,000

- Capital city: Managua
- Population: 5,675,359
- Export commodities: coffee, beef, shrimp and lobster, tobacco, sugar, gold, peanuts
- % below the poverty line: 48% (2005)
- GDP/ capita: $3,100 (2006)
- Life expectancy: 70.92 (2007)
- Literacy rate: 67.5% (2003)
- Environmental issues: deforestation, soil erosion, water pollution

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