Community Aid - Hacienda de la Esmeralda , Panama

Children enjoying some candy in the new social area

Children enjoying some candy in the new social area

Each year an astonishing total of ten containers full of green coffee beans are harvested from the fields of this farm. The state of social programs on the farm, however, is not as positive; the workers are desperately in need of decent housing. Even more pressing, however, was the need for regular building maintenance and caring for the workforce's day to day needs.

2000 - The program began by rebuilding housing and adding new washing and bathroom areas to the complex. Total spent: $6,600

2001 - Many social programs were initiated this year. School supplies were provided and a lunch program for the local school was implemented (see picture). A daycare was begun and the existing meal program and clinic continued to receive funding. A salary was also budgeted to hire a daycare worker as well as a visiting doctor and dentist. Total spent: $10,923

2002 - Thanks to a budget increase, a new social area with an improved nursery and medical clinic was built. Total spending: $15,000

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