Customer Service Interview: Lisa W.



This is Lisa, she is a self-described people person and before joining JBR 5.5 years ago, Lisa was a police dispatcher for 11 years.

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How long have you worked in customer service?

5 ½ years with JBR, 30 years total in customer service.

Do you have a favorite customer service story?

When I am able to talk about the Rogers is my favorite; how they treat the employees just like family, and their true care & concern for the farmers and the environment.

How do you handle angry customers?

Simple, I listen and always offer a solution, especially since I do understand being a coffee lover!

Rogers Family Company

When speaking with a customer, what is your primary goal?

To make sure that I take the time to relate to the customer’s comments, needs and/or complaints. I hear the good, the bad and the funny stories! Mostly good and funny.

What is your most often asked question?

Why don’t we offer more varieties in the 80 count? Or where can I buy your product locally? Oh, and “are you a part of the family?”

If you could send one message to all our customers or future customers, what would it be?

The Rogers said it perfectly, and I’ll echo their mantra “Taste the difference, Make a difference”!



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