Dare To Pair | Devil's Food Cake & French Vanilla Coffee


It's National Devil's Food Cake day and you know what that means. DARE TO PAIR.

In case you don't know what Devil's Food Cake is - it's a moist, airy, rich chocolate layer cake.

Apparently, the recipes have varied so much over the 20th century that it's hard to tell the difference between regular chocolate cake & Devil's Food cake, BUT the big difference is the amount of chocolate. Devil's Food has so much more. (head slap) - that's why it's the "devil's food cake."

If you haven't had this devilishly good cake, we have a bonus gift this week.


And now for the perfect chocolate cake coffee pairing.

DARE TO PAIR - San Francisco Bay, French Vanilla Coffee

The luxuriously rich, creamy taste of freshly ground French vanilla beans and coffee.


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