DARE TO PAIR | The Ultimate Cheesecake & SF Bay El Boton


National Cheesecake Day is finally here! What, you weren't waiting for this day with the excitement of Christmas morning? You will after this.

Did you know there are over 300 different cheesecake recipes? Probably more. With an average prep time of 5.5 hours that's over 200 days of straight cheesecake makin'.

But let's leave that level of baking up to the pros.

On National Cheesecake Day there is only one version of the cheesecake we need to be thinking about, The Ultimate Cheesecake and there is only one Ultimate Cheesecake recipe. Here it is

And the Ultimate Cheesecake needs an equally amazing coffee paired with it.

DARE TO PAIR - San Francisco Bay, Colombia El Boton

Hacienda El Botón produces a unique variety of the Arabica coffee with extra large beans. Using the Natural or Dry Method. The coffee cherry is picked and dried directly on the coffee bean, then later milled off producing exotic and unusual flavors.


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