FROM THE WEB | Cool New Pour-Over Brewer For A Mere $500

Heard of Pour-Over coffee? If not, it is a slow, manual brewing style that takes patience and care.




The folks at Ratio Eight  developed an automatic pour-over style brewer that simulates a manual pouring style.

This brewer is gorgeous. I'd love to have this guy on my counter, only problem is the price tag. $480.  That's a deal killer.


Bloomberg - Photographer: Stephen Pulvirent/Bloomberg Business

But I can't say one way or the other about the quality of the brew. These guys can though.


UNCRATEWhat you end up with is an excellent pot of fresh coffee, with repeatable results, and zero fuss.

BLOOMBERG It lacks some refinement around the edges, from the mess it makes to the practicality of a non-insulated carafe, choosing style over utility at almost every turn. I quickly forgot most of these problems once I was nursing a great cup of coffee that the Ratio Eight had produced, but I won’t be placing a preorder anytime soon.

So if you are in the market for a new brewer, have extra coin and are looking for a new brewing experience this gadget may be for you.



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