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Green Week - Green Building Challenge

Rogers Family Company Green Building Challenge

The Rogers family makes every effort to improve the world around us. One of those efforts is in reducing our carbon impact on the planet. For us, our dependence on energy is significant so we have utilized many different techniques to reduce our dependence on traditional electricity which then of course reduces our overall impact.

The U.S. Department of Energy contends that schools spend over $6 billion nationwide on energy each year, many spending more on energy bills than on total school supplies. According to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, up to 25 percent of schools’ energy costs can be attributed to poorly designed or outdated systems. Estimates also suggest that achieving this same percentage in energy reduction would save a staggering $1.5 billion. These savings could fund 30,000 new teacher salaries, 40 million textbooks or hundreds of thousands of computers. - GreenEducationFoundation.org

One of the strategies we have employed to achieve a reduction in traditional energy use is by installing Passive Infrared Technology sensors.

  • We installed approximately 616 Passive Infrared Technology high-bay occupancy sensors in the facility.
  • 100% of the warehouses high-bay lighting is now utilizing the sensors.
  • The sensors, which mount directly to the fluorescent fixtures, sense occupancy by comparing the infrared energy from an object in motion and the background space.
  • The sensors can be programmed to shut off after 10 seconds to 20 minutes depending on the amount of activity in that section of the factory.
  • Ownership is pleased because when the factory is empty the lights are off.

Another step in staying carbon negative.

Thanks to Greg Caron, of Rogers Family Company, for providing the data for this piece.


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