HEALTH | Infusing Bread With Green Coffee

Coffee has so many uses beyond our morning caffeine fix, it blows my mind sometimes.

Beauty tricks, fuel for a car, pest repellent in your garden, cleaning your tools, removing a stink from your fridge , and now some very clever scientists are putting green coffee to work in a whole new way.

According to studies, the byproducts of coffee have the power to heal & to be used as a preventive tool against pathogens that grow on our food.

On top of that, this new study revealed that powdered green coffee beans can be used for food supplementation.

According to;

Silver skins and used coffee grounds to be rich in fiber and phenols, and to have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties 500 times greater than vitamin C.

The researchers ground up green coffee to make green coffee flour in an effort to prove the benefits of green coffee as a food supplement.

While this was a preliminary study, the results are positive.

We are always looking for ways to reuse byproducts from our work in new and innovative ways, so it's good to see other folks on the same path.

Why use it once, if 3 or 4 uses are possible? 
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