Inside Scoop: Annette Mensonides, Senior Accountant



What is your position at Rogers Family Company?

Senior Accountant

How long have you been working for Rogers?

Since December 2012.

What is your favorite hobby?

Mountain Ultra Trail running


Why do you enjoy it so much?

I get to go places that not everyone can access and experience the beauty of the great outdoors.  It makes me feel alive and well.  I get to test my physical limits and train to be stronger.  I get to push myself to exhaustion so that when finished, I deeply enjoy and appreciate simple comforts such as resting in a chair or drinking an ice cold glass of water.  I have gained some wonderful friendships through trail-running and enjoy the true camaraderie that exists among the ultra-running community.

What is the most interesting thing about you?

I have completed the Western States 100 mile endurance run 3 times since 2010.  The run takes place the last weekend in June on the mountain trails from Squaw Valley to Auburn and is a lottery to gain entry with low (7.5%) odds of “winning”.  Apparently I am one lucky gal!


If you have a hero, who is it?

Forrest Gump.

Why is this person your hero?

Though Forrest Gump is a fictional character, I find him to be inspirational.  Despite the odds stacked against him due to the physical and mental challenges he was born with, he was very successful in life due to his determination, hard work, focus, persistence, and good character.   Oh, and he ran far too. 🙂


Scenario: You win the lottery. $300,000,000. What do you do?

After Uncle Sam takes his 50% cut, I would gladly accept the remaining amount, which would still be plenty.  I would first hire personal assistants to take care of the necessary things in life that I don’t particularly enjoy doing, such as grocery shopping, clothes shopping, cooking, house cleaning and laundry; then there would be more time for family, friends, and #3 above.  I would generously take care of my family, close friends, and favorite charities to hopefully have a positive impact on people’s lives.  Of course being the frugal Dutch person that I am, I would invest and save enough so that finances are never to be worried about - ever.

What is your favorite Rogers coffee?

Geisha…absolutely the best!  However, Espresso Roast is my favorite OneCup.


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