Emily Eaton

Inside Scoop: Emily Eaton, Internet Customer Service Rep



1. What is your position at Rogers Family Company?

Internet Customer Service Rep.

2. How long have you been working for Rogers?

A little over 5 years.

3. What is your favorite hobby?

Well, between my husband and I, we have 3 children (with 1 on the way), 2 dogs and 3 cats, so it would definitely be CLEANING! That and wine, of course.

4. Why do you enjoy it so much?

I think it’s therapeutic for me…Plus I cannot seem to relax in a messy house and no one else does it right. I’ve been accused of being a little neurotic…

5. What is the most interesting thing about you?

I had the privilege of raising my beautiful, sweet child all on my own. Now, 8 years later, I get to do it all over again, this time with the love of my life. What a completely different journey this will be…I feel incredibly lucky that I will have gotten to experience all the rewards of parenthood from both ends of the spectrum.

6. If you have a hero, who is it?

My grandpa, may he rest in peace.

7. Why is this person your hero?

He was the glue that held my family together. When he spoke, people listened. A no BS kind of guy! I miss him everyday.

8. Scenario: You win the lottery. $300,000,000. What do you do?

Well that would be nice but after our 4 girls go to college and get married we would probably still need a loan!

9. What is your favorite Rogers coffee?

I’m a San Francisco Bay French Roast girl, but our Pete’s Espresso Blend is a close second.

Emily Eaton



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