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Right off the pat you are probably thinking, "WOW, her name is awesome!" You're right, it is awesome.

And so is she, but don't let me convince you.

Get to know Sara from her own words:

What is your position at Rogers Family Company?

Production Manager for our “traditional machines”… anything non-OneCup. I also manage all of HEB coffee, I am what is a called a “CPFR” for HEB. This stands for Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment Manager.

How long have you been working for Rogers?

Since 2009, 4+ years

What is your most favorite hobby?

I love to bake, and I make elaborate cakes for my family’s birthdays.  I enjoy doing crafts with my 12 year daughter and spending time with our 2 dogs, Beanie and Chico.  Beanie is a miniature dachshund, and Chico is a Chihuahua.  I’m on a bowling team every Monday night, I’m not sure that is a FAVORITE though.  I did get 5 strikes in a row once!

Why do you enjoy it so much?

Baking is satisfying for me because I love the reactions on their faces when they realize that it’s actually CAKE, and that the decorations are edible.  Anything with my daughters is satisfying because they are both such a pleasure to be around, and I’m constantly amazed at how they have grown up/growing up into great adults.  Bowling: I enjoy because it is some adult time.  I’m a single mom so I think it is important to remind myself to be social.

What is the most interesting thing about you?

I think one thing that is interesting about me is that I grew up in a small town in Louisiana called Marksville.  My mother moved out to California when I was 12.  I decided to stay in Louisiana with my dad, but it gave me the ability to spend summers and holidays in California for several years.  It was always awesome to be able to come out here and really see another way of life with different points of view, family values, and for me a huge influence on a different and better way of thinking.

If you have a hero, who is it?

I would say every single mother in the world.

Why is this person your hero?

Being a single mom, you shoulder the responsibility of support for your kids, both financial support and emotional support, and do this without bringing home frustrations from work or martyring.  As a single mom you have to find time to spend with your children.  They need more time in the evening when you’re helping with homework and cooking dinner.  Don’t get me wrong, those are a must, but they need QUALITY FUN time too.  That’s the trick to be both a mother and a father: a disciplinarian and the fun one.  Anybody that can do the above, even just a small piece of the above, is a hero in my eyes.

Scenario: You win the lottery. $300,000,000. What do you do?

Hire a financial advisor would be step one.  I would be determined not to let this ruin my life.  Of course, I would pay off bills, buy a house, take care of all of my siblings and parents needs and wants.  Donate a LOT of it to charities, then take my girls and travel.

Thanks, Sara!


  1. JoAnne Wilson 18 January, 2014 at 12:28 Reply

    Sara and Stephanie gave our family a tour of Rogers Company when we visited California. They were so knowledgeable about all the processes and were so obviously proud of the Company.
    Three cheers for Sara, and Stephanie!

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