Introducing An Alarm Clock Worth Having. The Barisieur.


(images from, JR Industrial Design.


A hero has finally emerged in this world. Not a masked avenger, not a flying spaceman, but an engineer with a vision. He brings you "The Barisieur"

This brewer clock is a dream come true for those of us that need additional motivation to rise from our warm beds in the morning.

Sure your drip coffee maker may come with a timer, but that's so analog. This beautifully designed brewer serves many purposes;

  1. Alarm Clock
  2. Coffee Brewer
  3. And according to the website, "It encourages a ritual before going to sleep, signalling to the body and mind that it is time to unwind and relax. Living slow even when times are fast."

I'm sold. How about you?


The Barisieur isn't yet for sale, but he is taking early sign ups.

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