Introducing The Freedom Ring


Way back in November of 2014 we introduced this thing called the Freedom Clip. A crazy simple device that allowed you to brew whatever coffee you want in your Keurig 2.0® brewer.

It was a major hit. 

We had no idea how many of you would be so upset with Keurig's monopolistic tactics, but the name & device resonated deeply with people all over North America and we have been very happy to be your coffee liberator.

Since then we have sent out 20 times as many Freedom Clips as we had originally estimated. Giving folks everywhere, the freedom to brew their coffee of choice.

Today, we are introducing our newest package innovation, the Freedom Ring.

Now Freedom Is Built In.

The Freedom Ring lidding will allow you to brew our OneCup pods in your Keurig 2.0® brewer without the need of the Freedom Clip. We have transitioned all of our products to this new lidding so that every one of our OneCups can be used freely with no restrictions.



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