This Family Business Just Took A Huge Step Forward

May 26, 2016, the day Laura Rogers came to work at the family business.

She is the first of the 3rd generation of Rogers family members to take up the San Francisco Bay Coffee Co. mantle; Laura has landed on the Big Island of Hawaii to begin her new life as manager of our Kona Coffee Bar.

A recent graduate of University of Arizona, Laura has been working towards this day since birth.


Travelling with her family to farmer's meetings in remote growing regions like, Panama.






And Guatemala, where she learned the art of grafting coffee saplings.


And now, Kona HI. where she will be running our first coffee bar and spreading caffeinated joy to tourists and locals alike.



Congratulations, Laura. This is a big day and you are going to do great!



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  1. Irene Gagen 29 June, 2016 at 08:04 Reply

    It isn’t as though you can know me (or your many, many other customers) but I can’t overstate what a joy it is to do business with Rogers Family Company. We discovered the excellence of the coffee product itself – we love the single servings of San Francisco Bay, pumpkin spice, and Gorilla DeCaf (discovered first at BJs who then stopped carrying it – their loss). There isn’t enough decent ‘family’ in our society today; this makes it all the more gratifying to know that we can do business with you. When I logged in today (to manage my recurrent) and read the very happy story of the third generation (YAY lovely Laura; you go, girl!), I had to send this to congratulate all of you [and sip my amazing (because it’s so consistently good) cup of coffee]. I am encouraged to know that you are who you are, and are pulling off quite a feat. May the living God continue to guard and bless you.

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