US is the largest consumer of coffee

Did You Know? - the U.S. Consumes the Most Coffee

US is the largest consumer of coffee

The U.S. is the largest coffee-consuming country in the world, estimating 400 million cups per day.

There are 317 million people in the U.S. according to the US Census of 2012.


  • One birth every 8 seconds
  • One death every 12 seconds
  • One international migrant (net) every 40 seconds
  • Net gain of one person every 16 seconds

2,123,900 are under 12, leaving about 315 million people responsible for drinking those 400,000,000 cups of coffee.

That's only 1.3 cups per person.  At that rate, we are going to lose our title.  We need to amp it up!

Do your duty and stock up today.  Let's keep the title.

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