LEARN | 3 Reasons Coffee Breaks Make Businesses More Successful


Has your company given up on the "coffee-break"? Is it seen as being unproductive or lazy to hang by the coffee-maker and chat with friends and colleagues?

According to Entrepreneur Magazine;

Many employers, obsessed with productivity, don’t see the benefits of letting employees spend time not working during the day.

And according to studies, there are a ton of benefits from taking those little breaks and spending time interacting with others.


Getting up from your sedentary position every couple of hours at least will have a tremendously positive effect on your circulation and even your posture.


And what about all that screen time?

Not great for your eyes. You really should be looking away from your computer every 20 minutes.

Here's another great note.

Moving your body will improve your overall health, talking with folks you enjoy improves your morale and in the end, over all performance on the job. Guess what! Healthy, happy employees are better for the company.


What makes a business thrive is good people. And when those people aren't acting as a cohesive unit a lot can go wrong.

What helps build that cohesion is the personal interactions that build lasting relationships. But if you are tethered to your chair for a solid 8 hours, never interacting with people from other teams you will be less of team member .

If you are in accounting and you bump into someone from the sales team at the coffee maker, that might be the perfect chance to learn a bit more about them as a person, not just a position.

It's amazing how people are willing to open up if you simply ask a question. And guess what, next time you need projections or certain client info, your new friend is going to be more willing to help out.



I can't tell you how many funny stories and ideas get tossed around here at SF Bay Coffee when people are grabbing their coffee. Whether work related or not, folks love to chat and reconnect as the iCoffee makes their Fog Chaser.

What inevitably happens is "work-talk" and many times new projects come out of those mini meetings and real results occur.

Impromptu, short and actionable.

Now get up and go grab a coffee. Let's bring back the coffee break.




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