LEARN | 7 Ways To Brew Better Coffee When Traveling

I once tore open a Fog Chaser OneCup in a hotel room because the only available brewer was a drip and the coffee provided by the hotel was from a rather large, better left unnamed coffee company. S-B. That's all I will say.

That wasn't the way I wanted to start my day, but going to great lengths for what we love is just being human. I mean we all know how important a morning cup of coffee can be. It can set the tone for the day, good or bad. FYI, that day was great thanks to my Fog Chaser.

In a heroic effort to make sure this situation never happens to you we've put together these 7 tips to make better coffee while traveling.

Any one of them will immediately improve your coffee condition.


1. Take It With You -

In the ideal world, all your creature-comforts could fit easily into your suitcase and your travel experiences would be an extension of your everyday life. Sadly it's not that way, BUT you can have a little taste of home if you take your coffee with you.


2. Add Hot Water To The Brewer -

This may seem counter-intuitive, but you should add hot water to the brewer before pushing "brew." Why? Those hotel coffee brewers aren't great, so giving it a little help in heating up the water is a good extra step to take if you want a better in-hotel coffee experience.


3. Grind Your Own -

This tip is for the extreme coffee lover. There are many hand-grinders on the market that will fit neatly into your overnight bag. It's a lot more work, but if you are the type of person that gets real pleasure from the ritual of a great cup of coffee, this tip is right up your alley. Actually you are probably already doing it. 😉


4. Plastic Dripper - for the slow pour

Not interested in the hotel drip brewer? Check out a handy-dandy plastic pour over. These suckers are pretty clever, but do need ground coffee and filters. BYO and you are good to go. The only necessity will be hot water, which you generate via the in-hotel coffee pot. BOOM.


5. Aeropress

This is one on the most popular travel french presses on the market. It fits over your cup, you fill with ground coffee and press. It's light-weight and plastic so it will fit nicely in your carry-on. Once again, hot water is all you need in this situation if you BYO coffee.


6. Run water through the maker first

Yeah this seems redundant, time-consuming and unnecessary, but it's a hack many people have used. The idea is that you are "priming-the-pump" of the hotel brewer. Those little brewers take time to heat up and to get to the ideal temp, if you run it for a cycle, and dump that hot water back into the brewer you essentially just add a few degrees to your java, which we all know makes for a better cup.


7. OneCups + MyFrench Press

From my experience, the best way to take coffee on your travels is via the OneCup brewed in a MyFrenchPress. Light-weight, no mess, french press. The blue carafe is microwave safe and the entire system is only 4 parts. Designed specifically for the OneCup, the MyFrenchPress is a travelers best friend.



Do you have any tips to get a better coffee experience? Tell us in comments.

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