- Brewing the perfect cup of coffee part 1 - Brewing the perfect cup of coffee part 1 - Brewing the perfect cup of coffee part 1 - Brewing the perfect cup of coffee part 1 is back at it writing about our favorite beverage, coffee. This time it is an article written by Tony Konecny of called Brew the Perfect Cup, Lesson 1: The Case for Better Coffee .

In this article Tony references several things that influence a really great cup of coffee including:

The two species of commercial interest are Coffea arabica (arabica coffee) and Coffea canephora (robusta), with arabica beans being the tastier of the two. Within arabica there are a number of subtypes with different hardiness or flavor characteristics.

We couldn't agree more. We even wrote an article on the same topic:  Arabica vs Robusta Coffee

Tony also says that the seed to cup chain is critical:

The selection of cultivar, the long husbandry of the plants, the altitude and quality of the land, the climate, the care exercised in harvesting, the meticulousness of the processing, the practices of the dry mill, the rough travel of export, the competency of the roaster, and the many variables of right brewing all come to play in what happens in your cup.

Again we couldn't agree more. To read more about this process check out our article series All about coffee:

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Lastly Tony discusses the benefits of better coffee for the farmers and everyone else in the chain and make a point we can't help but agree with:

Most of the world's coffee is traded as a fungible commodity, like oil or corn, subject to the whims of finance wizardry and market irrationality with little concern for quality or the welfare of the farmers who produce it. The growing Specialty Coffee market has changed the game for coffee farmers and created new opportunities for economic sustainability. Good coffee is better for everyone in the chain.

For us the welfare of the farmers, their families, the communities and the environment are of utmost importance and we tip our hats to anyone who recognizes these needs. Read more about our community aid programs here.

It looks like there will be at least a sequel post to this article (hence the "part 1") and we look forward to reading more of his writing. We have no idea who he will be featuring as a good source for coffee but we invite Tony to try any of our coffee and see how they stack up.

To read the full article click here : Brew the Perfect Cup, Lesson 1: The Case for Better Coffee


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