List Of The World's Greatest Smells & Coffee Doesn't Make The Top 10


Smells. There's something about 'em, am I right? And each of us experience a recollection of odors in different ways. For some, the smell of fresh laundry is pleasant and refreshing, for others, it conjures a bitterness and resentment towards mom and dad for having to do chores.

Well, our friends at BuzzFeed have put together a list of the 64 Best Smells In The Whole Wide World, and there are a few on this list that you might not agree with. But for the writer, they are at the apex of satisfying smells.

Here is something to note, coffee did make the list, and it shows up in the number 51 spot. WHAT!?!  This is a travesty, an outrage, a mockery to all things that are good and right with the world.

Well, we aren't going to stand for it.


Here is a sample of BuzzFeed's list with our suggested replacements:

1. Your apartment when you walk in the door after coming home from a trip.

(How about coffee in the top spot?) 

2. The tops of babies’ heads.

(Hard to argue because they're babies, but I say baked chocolate chip cookies. YUM.)

3. The pads of dogs’ paws.

(I would remove this one from the list entirely and replace it with ANYTHING else.)

4. Your pet cat, but specifically yours, not just any cat.

(Not really into pet dander. Let's change this to a vacation type smell, like coconut butter.) 

5. Grandmas.

(Once again, hard to refute since this is about grandmas, but I'm going to suggest this should be BBQ...anything or anybody's.) 

6. Grandmas’ homes.

(This one can stay.)

7. Old baseball gloves.

(Totally get this one, but not top ten. Let's change this to a newly opened can of roasted peanuts.) 

8. A freshly popped can of tennis balls.

(Uh? I say, leather. Freshly oiled leather.)

9. A new pack of printer paper.

(Nope. NEW CAR!!! Now that is an awesome smell on a ton of levels.)

10. The Bible.

(I'm not touching this one.)

For me, smelling the pads of dogs is akin to rubbing my nose in a pile of poo, yet apparently this is a thing, and it even has a name, FRITO FEET. YUCK!!!


My boss and I have had a running conversation about this as he is a true lover of the dogs' paw, and I am at a hardcore opposition to putting dog feet in proximity to my face, so you can imagine what happened when he saw this list. VINDICATION.


Whatever, I hold my ground and ask, where do you stand?


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  1. Ted Pendlebury 16 July, 2014 at 13:15 Reply

    TOPS of dogs paws… You know why? That’s the only place they sweat if memory serves…

    Add to the list: Certain freshly printed postcards or flyers. Definitely coffee, chocolate and freshly opened tennis balls. Lose the cat, and grandma’s house. Ew.

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