What's In A Cup?

You May Not Be A Crazy Cat Lady, But Your Coffee Cup Tells A Story.


What's In A Cup?

It's a simple yet profoundly strong question.

What you choose to put into your coffee cup tells a story, just as much as your coffee mug tells a story about you.

  • Where do you stand on the issues?
  • Do you care about the environment?
  • Are you a goof?

What's in a cup tells your story in more ways than you might realize.


With Rogers coffee in your cup, you are saying you believe in;

  • sustainable growth of coffee farms,
  • fair & direct trade for the coffee growers,
  • reducing your personal environmental impact and

In the end that's what it comes down to, family. Everything we do, everything you do, is to make a better life and World for your family.

So we ask you, What's In Your Cup?



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