National Siblings Day - Meet The Rogers Kids

Well, they aren't really kids anymore, but to Jon & Barbara they will always be their little ones.



Lisa Smoot - VP Of Sales & Marketing

Lisa calls the Bay Area home and is in charge of one of our biggest retail customers in the region. While we don't get to see her often, she is making things happen for the company.



John Rogers - VP Of Sales & Marketing

John, or JR as he is known, commands a room when he enters. A towering 6'4" with a voice to match, JR is the go-to spokesperson for the company.



Pete Rogers - VP Operations & Green Coffee Buyer

Pete spends much of his time traveling to our many partner farms, buying only the best coffee available. At the same time he is traveling the globe, you can find him on the phone or computer handling the many operational issues that come up with a company this size.



Jim Rogers - VP Of Sales & Marketing 

Jim is a sales pro. Managing some of our largest accounts, Jim is a rainmaker. On top of making it rain, Jim oversees Customer Service, IT & our Internet Team. A man of many hats.



Ain't family grand.


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  1. norm 9 July, 2015 at 08:25 Reply

    My wife, Michi finally gave in to the Keurig coffee maker after 20 years of simply french pressing coffee at home. She broke down and bought the 2.0 unit for my birthday / father’s day and mentioned a “clip” that’s available and I research it online, only to see a familiar face (Pete) and the Rogers family behind it. Congrats on beating Keurig in court! Very exciting stuff! I must try your new product as I have nothing but good thoughts (and flavors) of your beans and still appreciate what Pete and the Rogers family did for Alameda (and Trevor’s love for baseball). Thanks again for drafting Trev and giving him the positive reinforcements and providing him lots of good baseball experience. BTW, he’s a Junior now at Davis, studying food science.
    Hope all is well with the Rogers family.
    Love your website and marketing!

    Norm Toy

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